10 Health Benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt

Author: Mahwash Malik

Health Benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt

What makes Himalayan rock salt so amazing? This is the buzzing question everyone is asking these days. I still remember that during childhood in our homes, grandmother used to grind the Himalayan Rock Salt and then use in all the homemade dishes. Himalayan rock salt sometimes called as pink salt is also referred to as "Pakistani Salt", this is because of its origin in Pakistan, it is said that the salt was discovered around 326 BC when troops let by Alexander the Great Stopped to take rest near Khewra, Punjab Region of Pakistan, noticed their horse licking the Salty Rock. The Himalayan Salt is mostly mined at the Khewra Salt mine, which is situated in the Punjab province of Pakistan in Indo-Gangetic Plain. This place is located in the foothills of Himalayas and is around 260 km away from Lahore and around 298 Km from Amritsar, India.

Consuming Rock Salt in place of regular table salt may be beneficial, according to Muller, Marie-France, Himalayan Crystal Salt has matured over the past 250 years under the intense tectonic pressure in the environment that is free of toxins and impurities. [1]

According to a Publication written by Dr. Arya Jitendra[2] , this form of salt i.e rock salt or pink crystal salt contains about 80 minerals that are used by the human body. Following are the important 10 benefits that are believed to be associated with Himalayan Rock Salt. [3], [4]
  1. It helps in regulation water levels in the Body
  2. It helps in maintaining and promoting healthy pH level.
  3. It helps in encouraging healthy blood sugar level.
  4. It also acts as an anti-aging agent.
  5. Cellular hydroelectric energy balance can also be promoted by the use of rock salt.
  6. It helps in aiding vascular health.
  7. It promotes overall sinus health.
  8. It also promotes health sleep pattern.
  9. It helps in encouraging healthy libido.
  10. It helps in promoting kidney and gallbladder health.
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