Brand:Bilal Copperware
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Care:Normal Wash, Clean with Cloth

Weight: 400.00 gms

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A small copper tin comes for your kitchen to store your spices keeping them fresh and aromatic. Intricately engraved in the traditional motif of chinar leaves, this spice box comes with a copper lid to add to its royal appeal. Bring home the essence of this copper tin box and glamorize your kitchen décor. About the Craft Copperware has been a native art of Kashmir where the designs range from plain copper products to intricately engraved objects of beautiful charm. The streets of Shehar-e-Khas are found gleaming with large beautiful samovars, intricately carved trays and bowls, reflecting the glamour of this fine art. Add to these masterpieces of traditional art, handcrafted to add elegance to your homes!

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