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- Authentic Mutton Based Seekh Kebab
- Cooked by Waza’s the master chefs of Wazwan
- Packed Hygienically in Fssai aproved facility.
- Included Shipping and Packing Charges

Kashmiri Seekh Kebab is one of the most popular meat dishes of Kashmiri Cuisine. It is eaten as a snack, starter or meal with rice or bread. The aromatic flavor and delicious taste of Seekh Kebab makes it favorite world over.The word kebab is drived from the persian word “Cabob”, which means grilled or roasted piece of piece of vegetable, fish or meat. The origin of Kebab is most probably from the Caucasian region of the Europe-Asia boundary.
Kashmiri kebabs have influenced a variety of kebabs in India. You can find its variations in other Indian cities as well. The Shammi kebab in Awadhi cuisine is quite similar to the Kashmiri kebab.
The Kashmiri Seekh Kebabs are a special preparation of mutton infused with authentic Kashmiri spices and condiments and are grilled over skewers. The Kebabs are soft, juicy flavorsome and can be served along with chutneys and dips.

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Cuisine Kashmiri

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