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  • Rista (Meat-balls in red gravy) is a delicious culinary delight with a ladeful of light spicy gravy. 
  • Our Kashmiri Rista is prepared by traditional Kashmiri chefs right here in the valley. Our expert chefs prepare it fresh using the traditional methods of cooking, making the Rista as authentic as it can get.
  • Rista is very well packed in tightly sealed tin containers.
  • Made from the freshest and superior quality ingredients, your Kashmiri Rista experience cannot get any better than this.

Is it reliable to buy Kashmiri Rista online?

It's totally reliable and safe to buy Kashmiri Rista online from Hamiast.The Wazwan Rista is cooked by master chefs in FSSAI certified Facility. The Wazwan is hygienically cooked and packed in TIN Bottles. 

Will Rista stay fresh if I have it delivered at a location away from Kashmir?

We understand that you might have concerns and apprehensions regarding the freshness of Wazwan Rista. Our Rista is very well packed in tightly sealed tin containers in FSSAI certified facility. This ensures that the food stays fresh and when it reaches you, it is as if it has just been made.

Kashmiri Wazwan has many culinary delights to offer and Rista is one of them. Rista is made with spongy soft mutton meat balls cooked in traditional Kashmiri spices and simmered in a red spicy gravy which is rich in taste and aroma. The Ristas (meat balls) are pounded on a smooth stone with special wooden mallet till the time it attains smooth and soft texture. Preparation of perfect Kashmiri Rista is time consuming and requires exceptional cooking skills. Traditional cooks locally known as Wazas masterfully cook perfect Rista.
We bring you the best Kashmir Wazwan cooked by the master chefs  from Srinagar (Kashmir).
The royal cuisine cooked in traditional spices is going to tickle your taste buds with an unforgettable experience.


Product Details
Cuisine Kashmiri
FSSAI Certified Fssai Lic.No 11015430000094
Ingredient Type Non-Vegetarian
Ingredients Lamb Mutton, Turmeric Powder, Desi Ghee, Kashmiri Onion Paste, (Pran), Cloves, Green Cardamom, Saffron, Cock's Comb Flower Extract, Salt, Black Pepper.
Origin Kashmir (India)

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