Kashmiri Handmade Almond Milk and Saffron Soap (Pair)
The unique blend of Kashmiri Almond Milk and Kashmiri Saffron in this soap makes your skin flawless,..
Kashmiri Handmade Green Apple Flavoured Soap (Pair)
Handmade Green Apple Soap Handmade soaps with natural ingredients are in vogue. Effective and healt..
Kashmiri Handmade Raspberry Flavored Soap (Pair)
Handmade Raspberry Flavored Soap Handmade soaps with natural ingredients are in vogue. Effective an..
Kishtwari Shahi Saffron ( Kesar) 1 GM
Saffron is the most precious and expensive spices of the world. Jammu and Kashmir is one of the prom..
Lavender Face Pack Cream (100 Grams)
Lavender is famous for its refreshing and sweet aroma. But lavender is more than just a pretty flowe..
Lavender Face Pack Powder (100 Grams)
Lavender Face Pack is also available in powder form which is used with plain water or rose water.Lav..
Rose Oatmeal Scrub (100 Grams)
Rose needs no introduction as it has been used for centuries in skin care. It is anti-bacterial and ..
Royal Tomato Red With Golden Embroidery Pheran
"Pheran, The Kashmiri Pheran is the traditional winter wear of Kashmir, Pheran is a commonly wa..
Saffron Body Butter (100 Grams)
Your body is your temple and needs to be treated with reverence and care. Kashmiri saffron, locally ..
Saffron Moisturiser (100 ML)
Moisturize your beautiful skin with the richness and beauty of saffron. Kashmir is home to world&rsq..
Sheeba Pattern Homemade Cushion (Set of 2)
Handmade cushion covers with lovely floral medallion designs in traditional chainstitch work of Kash..
Sund Panjiri
ABOUT SUND PANJIRI Rich with dry fruits, seeds, nuts, sugar and ghee, the Pahalwans Sund Panjiri re..
Kashmiri Almond Kernels-800 GMS
Kashmiri Almonds are famous around the world for its unique taste and health benefits. These amazing..
Kishtwari Marwah Rajma (400 G)
Marwah Rajma originates from Kishtwar, in the beautiful valley of Marwah in Jammu and Kashmir. Accor..
Kishtwari Shahi Saffron ( Kesar) 5 GM
Kishtwar produces world’s finest quality saffron, the saffron from Chenab valley is valued all..
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