Meet Divya Kapoor | A Fashion Designer and an Inspiration from Jammu

Author: Isha Bhan
Team Hamiast

“Label Divya Kapoor” an established name in the Jammu by Divya Kapoor. Here is her story of how “Label Divya Kapoor” came and her journey from dreams to success; from a girl with ideas to an entrepreneur.

“Entrepreneurship was once taken as a man’s domain but now the trend has changed, as women are now standing neck to neck with men in establishing their own ventures and outmatching them in many ways.”

Divya Kapoor, a graduate in fashion designing from Pearls Delhi. She started her boutique in 2014 with the name Women’s Era which she later in 2016 renamed as “ Label Divya Kapoor”. “ I choose fashion designing as a career because it has been fun for me in designing clothes and it really feels good when you make people happy with your designs”, she said.


Divya is a Jammu based fashion Designer. She’s a mother of a two years old baby girl and her husband is a tattooist. According to Divya, her inspiration to create designs is herself. For Divya, “Label Divya Kapoor” is not just a label but a brand which meets the requirements and taste of people and is pocket-friendly as well.

Her views for the latest fashion trends are like “ Fashion trends come and go, even in Jammu and Kashmir, the trend keeps changing after ever two to three weeks, and all the fashion trends in the 70s and 80s keep coming back and evolve around the present fashion trend”.

The fashion industry you need to keep yourself updated with latest trends and should have the ability to develop designs with your own level of creativity. Divya designs her clothes according to the trend with her own creative ideas. Her ability to think out of the box makes her designs different, classy yet trendy. She designs contemporary as well as Indian wears.

For her, work ethics are really important like every other entrepreneur. She believes in treating her customers satisfactorily; understanding what they want and providing the best services and products is really important. Also creating all the designs that they provide them with the best.

“ Being independent nowadays is not an option but a necessity ” says Divya. Women like Divya set an example for other women to work for their own selves and be independent.