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Munch the nutritional punch of Dried blueberries. Dried blueberries are slightly sweetened and ideal for mixing in cereals or adding to muffins and cakes. They also give a delicious blend to salads and are perfect for munching as a snack. Dried Blueberries are low in sodium and calories, providing 127 calories per one-quarter cup, and they have no cholesterol. Smoothie of Dried Blueberry is delicious by blending dried blueberries and a banana with milk or add blueberries to hot oatmeal. Taste these plump, organic and sweet dried blueberries and your taste buds will be in heaven. 

•    Super Source of Antioxidants
•    Boosts Immunity
•    Reduces Damage of a High Fat Diet
•    Reduces Risks of Heart Disease.
•    Boosts Brain Health.
•    Regulating Blood Sugar.
•    Good Source of Vitamins, Minerals, and Fiber.
•    STRONG AND Healthy bones.
•    Combating free Radicals
•    Improves Heart Health

A Study Published in Research Gate concludes that there is no difference in blueberries in fresh, frozen or dried form.

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