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Hamiast Kashmiri Sheer Chai ( Namkeen Chai, Pink Tea) is known with many names such as Noon Chai, Sheer Chai, PinkTea, Gulabi chai. This tea is one of the essential tea in Kashmir.
Noon Chai (also called Kashmiri tea, Pink tea or Sheer Chai) is a traditional tea beverage from Kashmir. "Noon" is a local word for salt. Noon chai is made from special tea leaves, milk, salt, pistachios and almonds. Cinnamon is sometimes added for flavour. A pinch of baking soda is added give it more of a pronounced pink colour. It is consumed in Kashmir twice a day, in the morning and evening. Kashmiri Noon Chai is the famous Pink Tea from Kashmir. However, this tea is not sweet in its flavour. It is sweet- salt to taste different from other varieties of teas available in India.

Key Ingredients:

Key Benefits:

  • It is great during winters
  • It has a distinct taste, it is sweet- salt to taste which is different from other varieties of teas available in India. 
  • Hamiast empowers small local farmers to help them market and sell the produce

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