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Himalayan Mountain garlic is a subspecies of garlic which is found in the mountainous region of Jammu and Kashmir. It grows well in western Himalayan range at an altitude up to 6000 feet in temperature as low as -10 C and with very little oxygen. This mountain garlic has strong flavor and aroma, it is one of the most prized herbs in culinary science. It is used both for the medicinal and culinary purpose.
According to research regular consumption of 2-3 pieces of Snow Mountain Himalayan Garlic for about 2-3 Months will show improved health results.

Health Benefits of Himalayan Snow Mountain Garlic

  • Fights Cancer:
  • Fights Lung Cancer
  • Reduces Risk of Cough and Cold
  • Helps to Cure Diabetes
  • Helps controlling heart disease and Blood pressure

Hamiast brings you Mountain Garlic from the wilderness of Himalayan region in its pure form. Its raw not processed in any way there are no chemicals no preservatives no additives present in this naturally grown herb.

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