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NN Naturals Acne Healing Face Oil

This N N Naturals Acne Healing face oil is one of the best solutions to your acne and is tested 100% pure and natural. It aims to promote natural homemade skincare for all skin types.


We give a blend of botanical ingredients in the N N Naturals Acne Healing Oil including –

Tea tree Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Argan Oil, Glycerin, Peppermint, Rose, Lavender and Lemon extracts.


This oil helps to hydrate skin, makes it spotless, and improves radiance with tea tree oil, cedarwood oil, jojoba oil, and lemon extracts. In simple terms, you can say that it is a natural homemade remedy which gives you all-in-one benefits.

• Tea tree oil helps in preventing acne scars and makes your skin smooth.

• Cedarwood oil supports traditional acne treatments and helps reduce mulish breakouts.

• Jojoba oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that repair your skin fast and control the damage.

• The lemon extracts in the oil will also give your skin active Vitamin C and help in controlling oil production. The oil supports boosting skin benefits like reducing redness, treats infections and also has anti-ageing properties.

The N N Naturals Acne Healing Oil is not only beneficial for acne-prone skin but also solves several other skin problems.

This product is botanically tested and is suitable for all skin types. The oil is made with botanical touch and is 100% gluten-free.


Apply a few drops to the acne-prone area before going to bed at night. Use this oil daily to get quick results.


NN Naturals is about solving all your skin related problems by using 100% natural and handmade products. This brand comprises all beauty and skincare products having no side effects or fallouts.

The brand was initiated by two women entrepreneurs from Jammu and Kashmir who have developed this handmade formula over a period of five years that aims at providing nature friendly beauty and skin care products.



Product Details
Ingredients wheat germ, rosehip, jojoba, argan, tea tree, glycerine, frankincense, orange, carrot oil, etc.

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