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NN Naturals Pain Relief Oil

It is very likely to have sore muscles post-workout. And these muscle pains can be a real headache and can wreck your whole day

NN Naturals brings to you this 100% natural Homemade Pain Relief Oil which will help you relieve the pain and soothe your muscles.


This New Formula of NN Naturals Pain Relief Oil has purity and is a blend of natural and essential oils.

​Cold Pressed Onion Seed Oil​ provides a soothing effect on nerves. This oil can also help in getting rid of lethargy as well. It relaxes muscles and can also be used as a medicinal oil for arthritis.

​Almond Oil ​suppresses muscle spasms and has a calming effect. It also helps in relieving stiff joint pains.

Grapeseed Oil ​is used as a carrier oil for diluting the essential oil. Applying undiluted essential oil can cause skin irritation. It is a good source of Vit E and has many antioxidants to protect skin cells.

Olive Oil ​can reduce inflammation. Loaded with powerful antioxidants, it also acts as a natural pain reliever. 

Neem Oil ​is very beneficial for the joint pains

Clove Oil has anti-inflammatory properties giving a cooling effect. This is excellent in reducing pain in joints and muscles.

Groundnut Oil  helps in strengthening the joints and keeps the joint pain at bay.

​Sesame Oil​ loaded with vitamins and minerals helps reduce arthritis pain, swelling of joints and strengthens the bones.

Ginger and Black Pepper Oil​ can soothe the muscle and relieve pain. These oils have warming properties that affect the sore muscles and relieve pain.

​Lavender Oil​ helps in relaxing muscles, joint pain, sprains and backache. 


 NN Naturals Pain Relief Oil is very beneficial in any type of muscle pain, stiffness, or soreness.

With age the lubrication of the joints decreases which results in severe joint pain. It also works wonders for the joint pain and provides required lubrication.

This New Formula of pain relief oil is 100% natural and is homemade from organic and pure essential oils. It has no artificial chemicals, just pure and natural mixture of oils.


This oil can be directly applied to the affected area. Take a few drops of oil in your palms and massage on the effective area. Till it gets absorbed by the skin. Results may vary depending on the severity of the pain.


NN Naturals is about solving all your skin related problems by using 100% natural and handmade products. This brand comprises all beauty and skincare products having no side effects or fallouts.

The brand was initiated by two women entrepreneurs from Jammu and Kashmir who have developed this handmade formula over a period of five years that aims at providing nature friendly beauty and skin care products.


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