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KASHMIRI ACACIA HONEY is the world’s lightest and Clearest Honey. Acacia honey, derived from the nectar of the Robinia pseudoacacia flower. Handpicked from the rare Acacia Flowers in the Chilly Mountains of Kashmir, the flavor and the natural properties of this honey are as real as they can get. You will find no sugar and corn syrup added in our Kashmiri Raw Honey. The primary source of nectar is the Acacia flower, hence famously known as Kashmir Acacia honey, It is also called white Honey but some disagree on it.
This Honey is high in demand because of its light color and Delicious taste. 
This variety of honey notches ahead of other varieties, with low crystallization, high vitamin and minerals content, rich antioxidants, and antibacterial properties. One needs either to be allergic to honey or naïve to it to ignore or refuse to savor Acacia honey. 
At Aswah organic we ensure, Acacia honey is served in as much less processed form as is possible, in its nearest raw form.


  • Its mono-floral as a primary source of nectar is the Kashmiri acacia flower. 
  • It’s the lightest honey with the least crystallization.
  • It has high vitamin and minerals content, rich antioxidants, and antibacterial properties
  • No added color or any foreign ingredient.
  • Its packed in its purest form with least processing.
  • Last but not the least it's delicious.

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