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Experience the unique blend of honey with 24K pure edible gold flakes.
Honey is often referred to as "liquid gold." So to add more luxury to it, organic honey has been infused with 24K edible gold flakes, which brings natural warmth and healing to the body.
Going back to history, Gold has been acknowledged for its beautifying and luxurious properties. Historians have mentioned that pure gold was used by Cleopatra as a tool to maintain youthful skin by reportedly sleeping in a gold mask every night.

  • Gold salves were used in Ancient Rome, for the treatment of a variety of skin problems.
  • In ancient Chinese gold was used as a medicine and a key to youth, historians have maintained that queen of the Ch’ing dynasty used a gold massage roller on her face every day.
  • Egyptians believed the healing powers of gold could cure all manner of mental, physical, and spiritual problems.
  • As per the ancient Alchemist concepts, gold possesses legendary powers which contribute to a vital and long life.

So grab the organic Kashmiri honey, one of the purest in the world and 24-Carat gold flakes, which is the highest purity of gold, at HAMIAST.

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