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Hyacinth’s Kashmiri Wazwan Gushtaba 500 gm

Signaling the end of the grand Kashmiri Wazwan feast, comes the yummy, delicious spongy treat of white meat balls in sweet ‘n’ sour gravy, locally known as ‘Goshtaba’. Goshtaba is a delicious preparation of meat balls in a ladleful of thick yogurt gravy, locally known as ‘yakhni’. The savory wazwan goshtaba is mutton minced with spices, shaped into balls and cooked in flavorful yogurt gravy with some delectable herbs. As they say, the best is saved for the last; the goshtaba is a cherished specialty of the valley, served at the end of wazwan. Your taste buds are sure to thank you for this treat!

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Cuisine Kashmiri
Origin Kashmir

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