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Premium Kashmiri Shahi Qawah (Kahwa) Sugar Free, Healthy | With Saffron (Serves 50 Cups)
Origin of Kashmiri Qawah? Though there is no documentary evidence about the birth of Qawah, Its i..
Body Building Essentials Combo
Dried Morel Mushrooms (Guchi)
Hamiast brings you the best quality Morel Mushrooms from the forests of Jammu and Kashmir, afte..
Jammu Special Rajma Chawal (Rice) Hamper
Rajma Chawal (Red Kidney Beans and Rice) when one just listens to these words our mouth starts to wa..
Raw Chia Seeds, Healthy Snack for Weight loss, Premium Quality
ABOUT THIS PRODUCT Chia seeds have a reputation for being a “superfood”—and for a ..
The Best of Kishtwar Hamper
Kishtwar is the highland valley located in the Northeast corner of Jammu, it is nestled among the pi..
The Heavenly Dried Berries Hamper
The Sunkissed Berries Combo is not just a mixture of berries but has more to it, berries are healthy..
Weight Loss Essentials Combo
If you are looking to lose weight in a healthy natural way we have a solution for you. In an article..
Kashmiri Dried Apricots With Seed (400 Grams)
Kashmiri dried Apricots or Botchaer’s are known for its quality, taste and health benefits. It..
Kashmiri Pitted (Seedless) Apricots (400 Grams)
Seedless Kashmiri dried Apricots are known for its quality, taste and health benefits. It is grown i..
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