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Dark Cantaloupe Striped Hand Woven Pashmina Shawl
This beautiful kashmiri Pashmina shawl is in the Ikat pattern, this pattern which takes weeks togeth..
Ahad Waza Kashmiri Wazwan Harissa (500gm)
Kashmir is known for its cuisine as much it is known for its scenic beauty. Harissa came from the Ar..
Natural Ivory Kani Palldar Pashmina Stole
This handmade natural ivory pashmina Stole is a mark of royalty and class, the work done on thi..
Sphere Shape Paper Machie Powder Box
Colorful floral patterns inspired by the gardens of Kashmir,this powder box will make you look more ..
Kashmiri Walnut Snow White Kernels (400 Grams)
If you are a foodie and have a taste, then don’t miss to relish these rich quality walnuts of ..
Black and Natural Brown Checkered Pashmina Shawl
Be it Black or Brown color, both of them are never out of fashion, we bring you the beauti..
Blazing Solid Red Pashmina Shawl
The making of the 100% pure Kashmiri Pashmina popularly known as Cashmere around the globe is a time..
Kashmiri Dried Apricots With Seed (400 Grams)
Kashmiri dried Apricots or Botchaer’s are known for its quality, taste and health benefits. It..
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