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Hamiast Kishtwari Marwah Rajma Rare & Authentic
Marwah Rajma originates from Kishtwar, in the beautiful valley of Marwah in Jammu and Kashmir. Accor..
The Best of Kishtwar Hamper
Kishtwar is the highland valley located in the Northeast corner of Jammu, it is nestled among the pi..
The Heavenly Bhaderwahi Tomul (Rice)
Rice the staple food in Jammu and Kashmir, this crop has the distinction of being the most extensive..
The Heavenly Black Raisins
You must have definitely seen green raisins but have you ever heard of black ones?  It is a mos..
The Heavenly Dried Berries Hamper
The Sunkissed Berries Combo is not just a mixture of berries but has more to it, berries are healthy..
The Heavenly Hazelnuts
The Heavenly Pine Nuts Inshell (Chilgoza)
Make sure what you eat, each bite is full of health. Hamiast brings you Rich, Delicate and nutty, Ch..
The Heavenly Skin Care Essentials
  Walnut Almond Scrub The use of organic substances is always healthy and effective for our..
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