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The date plum is so called because it has a taste which is like a cross between date and a plum, in fact it is not related to either. It is a native to the kashmir and found in Himalayas. The fruit Date Plum (Amlook) begins green, then it turns yellow which is unripe fruit turns yellow and it should not be consumed at this stage and finally it turns purple-black which is fit to eat. It is then handpicked from Kashmiri lush Gardens and then these are sun dried under proper hygienic condition to preserve its flavor and nutritional value. Amlook is approximately 2cm in diameter and has around 5-6 seeds. HEALTH BENEFITS The modern medical field has the opinion that it might be a good treatment for diabetes because of potent antioxidant content. It is potent in combating free radicals, so it may result as anti cancer agent. In the Indian subcontinent, the date plum is used as a purgative and laxative It Helps to fight lung infections and asthma. Due to its medicinal properties date plum are largely used in treating diarrhea, anxiety, stress and also fever. Amlook is consumed raw and used in fruit salads, If you taste it once you can’t resist this healthy munch, whether it is fresh or dried.

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