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Handmade Raspberry Flavored Soap

Handmade soaps with natural ingredients are in vogue. Effective and healthy for all skin types these soaps re-energizes and give a fresh look to you. Raspberries work like magic on wrinkles. They can be used as a natural face mask. They also protect the skin against the sun's rays. It fulfills all your beauty needs. Kashmiri Cosmetics have been used since ancient times to enhance beauty or appearance.
Raspberry is Anti-inflammatory due to the high content of alpha-linolenic acid. It has Anti-aging properties due to the presence of ellagic acid. Rich in vitamin E an antioxidant.  Antioxidants in raspberry soap are important to contain oxidative damage, which may increase premature skin aging and skin cancer. High concentration of Phytosterols helps to repair skin damaged by environmental factors including sun damage, dust, and free radicals. It clears out dead skin cells, removes dark spots, blackheads, pigmentation.

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