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Marwah Rajma originates from Kishtwar, in the beautiful valley of Marwah in Jammu and Kashmir. According to local farmers, it is believed that centuries ago some elderly person planted special Rajma beans into the heavenly land of Marwah, the weather conditions of the valley suited the rajma beans to give birth to the tastiest Rajma produce ever know. Marwah Rajma is naturally grown and is handpicked, its known for its rich flavor and has huge health benefits for the lover of cultural cuisines. Due to its unique properties, the beans are famous around the world, The Kishtwari Marwah Rajma is loved and cherished all over the world and these special ones are the first thing that a guest is served with, whenever he visits the beautiful valley of Marwah. Hamiast feels proud to bring the best natural and healthy produce of Chenab valley at your doorsteps, so what are you waiting for, just order the healthiest and handpicked Kishtwari Marwah Rajma now."

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Origin Bhaderwah, Jammu and Kashmir,India

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