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About Mughal Darbar

Mughal Darbar, "the taste of the nation", represents the essence of Kashmiri food and has been the name synonymous with the royal, authentic Kashmiri cuisine for decades. Kashmiri Wazwan from Mughal Darbar is famous around the world for excellence in quality and taste. The idea behind offering Wazwan in tin packs is to make Wazwan available, that is ready to eat. It is hygienically packed and is backed by ISO-9001 Certification so that you get quality and hygiene at your doorsteps. Delicacies available in tin packings include Goshtabas, Ristas and Labbi Kababs, Seekh Kababs, Meethi Korma, Dhaniya Korma, Special Harissa. etc

Mughal Darbar Kashmiri Goshtaba (400 Grams)

Goshtaba is a dish of spongy meatballs cooked in a thick yogurt gravy. Traditionally Goshtaba is made with minced mutton and the lamb fat together. The mutton is hand-pounded, using a wooden hammer on a stone. The pounding of meat is a laborious exercise and required skills. While the meat is pounded, spices are added along with lamb fat. The process of pounding the meat breaks up the fibers and makes it more tender while adding the fat gives it a delightfully creamy texture. Once the pounding is done, balls out of the pounded mixture and are then boiled in water. The spongy meatballs are then finally cooled in a thick yogurt gravy which is locally called as " Yakhni". Goahtaba is normally eaten towards the end of the meal. Since it is a yogurt based dish, eating it at the end helps in the digestion. 


Product Details
Cuisine Kashmiri
Ingredient Type Non-Vegetarian
Origin Srinagar, Kashmir
Shelf Life 6 Months from the date of packing.
Specialty Rounded Mutton Balls cooked in yogurt gravy and flavored with dried mint powder

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