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About Mughal Darbar

Mughal Darbar, "the taste of the nation", represents the essence of Kashmiri food and has been the name synonymous with the royal, authentic Kashmiri cuisine for decades. Kashmiri Wazwan from Mughal Darbar is famous around the world for excellence in quality and taste. The idea behind offering Wazwan in tin packs is to make Wazwan available, that is ready to eat. It is hygienically packed and is backed by ISO-9001 Certification so that you get quality and hygiene at your doorsteps. Delicacies available in tin packings include Goshtabas, Ristas and Labbi Kababs, Seekh Kababs, Meethi Korma, Dhaniya Korma, Special Harissa. etc

Mughal Darbar Kashmiri Harissa (400 Grams)

Kashmir is known for its cuisine as much it known for its scenic beauty.Harissa came from the Arabic word “Harees” (which means to mash or to squash).Harissa is an ancient traditional mutton recipe which is mostly available in winter season and is best consumed with Kashmiri bread. Harissa is not only the traditional delicacy of Kashmir, but it is famous all over the globe like Harissa is a loved dish in ‘Iraqi cuisine’, prepared on Easter celebration by ‘American’ all our the world and National dish of ‘Armenia". Harissa is usually served as a breakfast dish in Kashmir. It is made out of Lamb meat mixed with rice, spices and flour. It is served hot with flat Kashmiri bread or Naan and fried onions over it.
 Meat is cooked slowly and then deboned. After that you cook it and slowly stirring it constantly until it turns in to a thick paste. Traditionally the stirring is done manually. Harissa is one of the rarest foods that you’d not wish to miss when you’re in Kashmir.
Mughal Darbar Special Harissa has now become very famous and we're getting many orders for this specialty.
Now no worries, if you are not able to visit Kashmir HAMIAST makes Mughal Darbar Special Harissa available just a click Away. SO ORDER NOW.

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