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CTC means "crush, tear, curl" (and sometimes called "cut, tear, curl"). CTC is actually one of the best methods of processing black tea. In the CTC process, black tea leaves are run through a series of cylindrical rollers. There are hundreds of sharp teeth in the rollers that have Crush, Tear, and Curl the leaves.
This CTC method is very much different from the standard tea manufacturing, in which the tea leaves are simply rolled into strips. This CTC tea is sometimes known as mamri tea also.
William McKercher invented this method in the 1930s in Assam, India. In the 1950s the process spread throughout India and Africa.
NImbark is an organic certified brand that makes sure no fabrication is made to the product.

Nimbark Organic CTC Tea health benefits:-

  • Excellent source of antioxidants.
  • Burn fats and enables you to exercise longer.
  • Lowers stress but boosts brain power.
  • Reduces High Blood pressure.
  • Eliminates Alcohol and Drug-induced toxins.
  • Prevents tooth decay and cures bad breath.
  • Boosts your immunity against illness.
  • Rehydrates you better than water.
  • Fights against various cancers.
  • Helps control and maintain Blood sugar level.


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