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Nimbark Organic Pumpkin Seeds 250g

If you're in the mood for a chewy snack that too with health benefits, look no further than Nimbark Organic pumpkin seeds. Nimbark Organic pumpkin seeds are nutritional powerhouses wrapped up in a very small package, Nutrients like magnesium, manganese, copper, protein, and zinc, etc. Pumpkin seeds are highly portable as they require no refrigeration, they are an excellent snack to keep with you whether you are out or at home, they are quick snacks for time.

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds:-

  • Magnesium present in pumpkin seeds has been shown to benefit blood pressure and also helps prevent sudden cardiac arrest, stroke and heart attack.
  • Zinc another important element for a body in many ways, including immunity, cell growth and division, mood, sleep, eye and skin health, your senses of taste and smell, insulin regulation, and male sexual function.
  • Pumpkin seeds are one of the best sources of plant-based omega-3s.
  • Pumpkin seeds are important in supporting prostate health.
  • Pumpkin seeds may also help improve insulin regulation in the body and help prevent the diabetic problem by decreasing the oxidative stress.
  • Pumpkin seeds may lead to a significant increase in good "HDL" cholesterol simultaneously with reduced blood pressure, headaches, hot flashes, joint pains, and other menopausal symptoms in postmenopausal women.

In order to get the healthy fats present in the pumpkin seeds, they should be eaten raw.
Nimbark organic pumpkin seeds are preferred, as they are organic which means that they are without contaminated with pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

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