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Red Chilli Powder, which is also called as lal mirch powder is an integral part of Indian cuisine.  It not only gives an exquisite red color to the food but also has a distinct and faint taste and aroma and your chaat and Tari wali aloo ki sabzi can never taste the same without a hint of red chili powder.
 This Nimbark organic Red chili powder is the blend of dried fruit of one or a couple of varieties of chili pepper, there can be the addition of other spices also. It is used to get the quintessential red color and spicy taste to the food.

Health Benefits:-

  • It Helps to Keep eye Healthy.
  • It helps in the formation of Red Blood Cells.
  • It also helps to improve Cognitive functioning.
  • It helps to maintain Blood Pressure.
  • Helpful in Digestive Functioning.
  • It is very helpful in fighting infections.

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