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Ghee is known for its incredible healing properties. From our khichdi to dals and halwas to chapatti; ghee is one kitchen staple we are never getting enough of. The biggest blunder of modern cooking is swapping ghee with fattening refined oils.
Nimbark Pure cow ghee differs slightly in its production. Once, the water is evaporated and the fat is separated from the milk solids, the process of creating traditionally clarified butter is complete. Moreover, the production of ghee includes simmering the butter, which makes it aromatic and nutty-tasting.

Health Benefits of Nimbark Pure cow ghee:-

  • Helps You Keep Warm From Within.
  • A Nasal drop remedy that may help soothe a clogged nose. Make sure Ghee is Lukewarm.
  • Great Source of Energy.
  • Source of Good fat.
  • Good for Intestinal Health.
  • Ghee Keeps Constipation at Bay.
  • Ghee is much safe for heart health as compared to refined oil.
  • Improves Skin Health.
  • Good for joint pain.

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