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NN Natural Body Massage Oil

Body Massage acts as a stress buster for your mind and helps in relaxing your body.It wakes up your muscles,organs,and glands,moves blood and lymph fluid.This oil is super relaxing and gives nourishment to your skin with the homemade ingredients used in its preparation.


We give a blend of botanical ingredients in this oil, including:

 Almond has antifungal properties and acts as a powerful moisturizer.

 Cold pressed Olive helps in relieving muscle pains, spasms,sprains and inflamed joints.

 Cold pressed Sesame  has a high concentration of Omega-6 fatty acids that helps in moisturizing   your skin.

 Avocado helps to trigger collagen production in your skin. 

 Jojoba is loaded with Vitamin E and Vitamin B.

 Virgin Coconut has natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and moisturising properties.

 Apricot is high in Vitamin E.

Lavender oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, and has the ability to relieve pain.


  • NN Naturals 100% pure body massage oil is suitable for all skin types and helps in refreshing, relaxing and nourishing your skin.
  • This oil is completely non-sticky.
  • The natural calming properties of this essential oil encourages mental relaxation, relieves body aches and also tones the skin.
  • Ingredients used like almond is an excellent emollient, locking moisture inside the skin, widely acclaimed and is recognised as one of the most popular and effective ingredients.
  • Other ingredients like Jojoba gives you multiple benefits like stress and pain relief.
  • The presence of powerful antimicrobial agents like capric acid and lauricid in the coconut do not let microbes infect your skin.
  • Coconut is an awesome ingredient as it heals the skin and nourishes its towel. It helps soothe and relax tight muscles.


Apply a few drops to the troubled areas before going to the bed at night. Shake well before use


NN Naturals is about solving all your skin related problems by using 100% natural and handmade products. This brand comprises all beauty and skincare products having no side effects or fallouts.

The brand was initiated by two women entrepreneurs from Jammu and Kashmir who have developed this handmade formula over a period of five years that aims at providing nature friendly beauty and skin care products.


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