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Experience pure cow ghee from free grazing cow of the Himalayan region, prepared using traditional Bilona method which increases the health properties of ghee.

What Makes our Organic Kashmir cow Ghee So Good?

Talking about the purity of ghee, the source is important. We work with small family-run dairies, who are located in the Higher Himalayan Range of Jammu and Kashmir. Our cow butter is grass fed making it more organic and comes from cows that are pasture raised in pollution free environment of Kashmir. Our ghee is prepared in a proprietary low-temperature process that keeps the nutrients intact. We prepare by an artisan approach, preparing small batches to maintain quality and consistency. The result of our efforts is 100% Natural Ghee, a world-class product that is healthier for you as well as the planet.

No Refrigeration Required

As ghee does not contain protein or sugars, it does not require refrigeration.  Storage should be in a cool and dry place and may be refrigerated during warmer weather to keep it firm.

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