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Kahwa- An aromatic green tea beverage from Kashmir, It is believed that this traditional drink Kahwa dates back to times immemorial and has been a part of local traditional drink for ages.
Boiling green tea leaves with SAFFRON strands, CARDAMOM pods, CINNAMON bark, and occasionally Kashmiri roses to add a great aroma by this tea. Generally, it is served with HONEY or SUGAR and crushed nuts, usually WALNUT and ALMONDS some varieties are made as an herbal infusion only, without the green tea leaves.
SAMOVAR- A traditional copper kettle in which kept. The samovar has a "fire-container" at the bottom, in which live coals are placed keeping the tea perpetually hot. Around the fire-container, there is a space for the tea leaves and water to boil and other ingredients are mixed with the water. It may also be prepared in normal vessels and pans, as in contemporary times using samovar won’t be easy for regular use. 
Kahwa is usually used as a celebration dinner and served to guests, and saffron (Kesar) is added to the Kahwa for relatives and special visitors. In Kashmir, Kahwa is commonly served after WAZWAN and extensive family dinners.

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