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Shilajit is known as the Destroyer of Weakness. Shilajit is a thick sticky tar-like substance. Organic Shilajit is rich in fulvic acid. Its regular and regulated consumption improves testosterone, sexual potency, androgen, and estrogen. Organic Kashmir Pure Shilajit's regular consumption helps the healing of skin, wounds, organ. Its regular consumption betters heart and blood circulation. Its regular consumption increases energy and physical performance.

As organic Shilajit is way below the warning flag, but we recommend to take the following steps to be safer:-

•    The maximum dose of Shilajit should not be exceeding 650mg.
•    Consume it once or twice a day
•    Daily consumption is not recommended, have it 4-5 times a week. So that your body will get more time to adjust with certain metals in your body.
•    After the 4-6 week of regular use, do take rest of 3-4 months
•    Keep it away from the reach of children, as you do for prescription drugs.

HEALTH BENEFITS Of Organic Kashmir Shilajit:-

•    Improves Brain function.
•    Contains Aging.
•    Improves Heart health.
•    Kills many viruses like herpes etc.
•    It helps to reduce chronic fatigue.
•    Good for high altitude sickness.
•    Increases male fertility.
•    Improves memory.
•    Increases immunity.

Shilajit has more than 85 minerals and many other health benefits. It also acts as Anti-diabetic Anti-fungal and Anti-inflammatory. It also acts as Memory Enhancer, increases fertility and motility. It also helps to give pain relief and reduces anxiety.

You can have 200mg twice a day or 500 mg one dose per day with one glass of Luke warm water or milk.

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