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Out of the various styles and designs of Pashmina, one threaded in the magnificent of Paper Mache embellishment strikes a chord in every bride's heart. The embroidery laden shawl, From the Changthangi Goat of Ladakh the soft threads of this grandiose shawl are gathered, handwoven by skilled artisans of Kashmir Valley and then finally  Sozni Kaarigar with the help of a specialized needle, thicker kaleidoscopic threads, and his own creative genius takes inspiration from Paper Mache, inscribes them over this Pashmina shawl . The Art of Paper Mache is an ancient Persian Art introduced in Kashmir by Mir Syed Ali Hamdani, also known as Shah-i-Hamdan. The influence of one major craft over another on this magnificent shawl is set to a beautiful Jamawar pattern, with each inch of its embroidery done by hand. It takes a lot of time for an artisan to complete this design.

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