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Care:Dry Clean Only
Dimensions:40 * 0 * 28 inch approx
Weight: 125.00 gms
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This handmade natural ivory pashmina Stole is a mark of royalty and class, the work done on this pashmina stole is a piece of art. The weaver has done magic with the Kani sticks on its borders in the palldar style.The stole has been hand woven intricately into the paldlar pattern in which just the border area is covered with any rich Kashmiri embroidery or weave. Drape around on that special occasion and look like a queen on her throne. 
The Kashmiri Pashmina is Popular by the name of Cashmere around the globe, the making of a royal Kashmiri Pashmina takes months altogether to make. The artisan begins its making by gathering fine Pashm fibers from the mountain ranges of Ladakh. The fibers of pashmina are chosen carefully and are then hand spun over a Charkha like a wheel known as Yinder and then woven into warps and wefts to form a modish shawl that lingers with its owner for a lifetime.

Product Details
Fabric Pashmina
Colour Natural Ivory
Design Kani Palldar
Type Hand Spun and Hand Woven

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