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This beautiful Shalimar design Kashmiri carpet is a piece of art in its self, it has more than 9 Lakh knots per square meter. This carpet is going to give your home a royal classy look. It compliments both contemporary and modern design homes. Place it anywhere in your home, be it your bedroom or living room. You are definitely going asked about this royal piece of art.
The idea of carpets is nearly 1500 years old and it is not exactly known where and by whom the first carpet was made. However, in India carpet weaving was first introduced in Kashmir in late 15th Century by King Badshah who brought artisans from Persia to train the people in Kashmir to spin and weave carpets. Though the people of Kashmir were already introduced to weaving and spinning, the King insisted on them learning the technique from the Persians.

The Kashmiri carpets are famous across the globe for its specialty of being handmade. Kashmiri carpets are knotted and not tufted and the quality of a carpet depends upon the number of knots used in its making. The process of wrapping yarn around the warp to form a pile is known as knotting. A hand knotted carpet is made purely by hand using either wool or Silk or a blend of both. Kashmir Carpet making is also unique in the sense that every single carpet is woven based on a design visualized by a designer and its corresponding Talim, Talim is a coded script consisting of precise instructions to be strictly followed by the weaver while weaving the carpet. This coded script is a weaver's technical language. The practice of Talim is a unique method of manufacturing carpets and is distinct to the Kashmir region.

Hamiast proudly brings the best quality Kashmiri carpets at your door steps.

Product Details
Fabric Blend of Wool and Silk on Cotton Base
Size 7x5 ft
Design Shalimar Handmade
Making Period It takes two people 8 months to make

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