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Make sure what you eat, each bite is full of health. Hamiast brings you Rich, Delicate and nutty, Chilgoza directly from the pine trees which grow so well in the hilly soil of Kishtwar in Jammu and kashmir. Bite into this kashmiri chilgosa (kishtwari) to get the nutty, delicate, crispy texture and taste which makes our chilgoza the best you have ever had. Chilgosa is natural and highly organic which  makes it a great source of vitamins and essential minerals and heart friendly mono-saturated fats which are best to reduce the cholesterol levels, good for cardiovascular health, improves eye health. Moreover, they are also known to aid in weight loss.


  • Pine nuts may help to maintain your body’s hormonal health as they are rich in zinc. Zinc improves healing and stimulates the activity of about 100 enzymes in the body. 
  • The unsaturated fats in pine nuts help improve insulin sensitivity. Moreover, when taken as a part of the meal, they can decrease the overall glycemic index. This is good news for diabetic people.
  • They are a rich source of magnesium. Magnesium is also called as the ‘Mood Mineral’. It helps decrease depression, stress and anxiety. These healthy nuts calm the body and improve your memory and sleep. So keep a few in your bag for a quick snack loaded with health.
  • Iron rich, pine nuts help body store and transport oxygen. Infact, they are great for brain health too. Roasting them is a good idea as that will reduce the effect of iron inhibitors.
  • Pine nuts (chilgosa) are great for dieters. A handful of pine nuts aid in weight management. The Pinolenic Acid in these nuts stimulates the intestine to produce a specific hormone which signals the brain to turn off ‘Hungry Mode’.
  • Spread of influenza and herpes virus can be prevented by consuming Chilgoza pine nut. It has a polysaccharides that helps in combating many viruses that threaten health. The oil of this nut is also known to possess antifungal, antibacterial, and antihypertensive properties.
  • Chilgoza has a presence of selenium and is a rich source of omega 6. Omega 6 helps the prevention of growth of cancer-causing elements in the body and presence of selenium is helps in infertility treatments.
  • Since Chilgoza pine nuts are rich in vitamin A and lutein, their consumption on a daily basis may help develop a sharp vision.F
  • Food has the power to heal when it is organic, unadulterated and used as required. Nature provides all nutrients in accordance with the season and climate. It is best to choose healthy foods and not be grappled or confused by the commercial industry, flooded with processed packaged food.

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