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his is a Vegetarian product.

  • Lemons Green Tea is high in Vitamin C, an antioxidant that improves your immune system, reduces inflammation and may help stave off common colds.
  • Lemon tea also slows the absorption of food, so your body can better break down the nutrients it needs.
  • Lemon Green Tea has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory effects of green tea may reduce plaque buildup within arteries.
  • Other compounds like folic acid, vitamin B and the minerals in lemon tea give your skin and hair a healthy boost.
  • Directions for Use: Place one tea Stick in a pre-warmed cup and add freshly boiled water. Remove the tea stick and plunge in ice water for 3-4 minutes. Then stir. Add honey/sugar for a tangy ice tea.

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