Basohli Art Gallery

Welcome to the Basohli Art Gallery, proudly presented by Hamiast. Our collection showcases the original and vibrant Basohli paintings, a distinguished form of miniature art from the historic town of Basohli in Jammu and Kashmir. As part of the broader Pahari painting tradition, Basohli art is celebrated for its dynamic compositions and emotive expressions, using bold primary colors and intricate details.

At Hamiast, we are committed to reviving and sustaining this precious art form. With only a few artisans left who master this traditional technique, each painting is not just an artwork but a piece of cultural heritage fighting for survival. By incorporating these unique paintings into your home decor, you not only enhance your living space with a touch of elegance and history but also play a crucial role in supporting the artisans and preserving this rare art form.

Explore our gallery and discover the perfect Basohli painting to enrich your home and help keep this magnificent art alive.

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