When it comes to growing our team, we do things differently from many employers. We do not post our job openings one by one, as they come available, because we do not want to subject job seekers to the mad rush for consideration in the standard Black Hole paradigm.


We just invite people who are interested in what we're doing to converse with us, and share ideas on the things we post on our site and on social media. If we look interesting to you, we DO NOT want to see your resume, FIRST, but we want to hear from you about where your interests and ours could intersect.


It is not your education that is priority #1 but your ZEST FOR LIFE and CREATIVITY that matters first to us. Students who have been part of our Students Programme, will get priority over their peers and professionals who believe in our Human Initiative will be welcomed first! Write to us with anything you want to tell us about yourself at


We will ask for your resume later. We promise that we read each and every email. ​