Namdas - Hamiast


Discover the Namda, a quintessential symbol of Kashmiri cultural heritage, available at Hamiast. Each piece is meticulously crafted by our skilled Kashmiri artisans, who pour their passion and effort into creating these traditional masterpieces. Utilizing skillful hook embroidery, they embellish the surface of these unique carpets with a variety of designs, making each Namda a work of art. Laden with craftsmanship, these rugs are perfect for winter, adding warmth and luxury to your living spaces. Owning a Namda means embracing a piece of Kashmiri tradition and heritage, a true testament to the region's craftsmanship and Kashmiriyat. This is not just a carpet; it's a connection to the roots of an age-old culture, brought to life in your home.

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